Cavitation Peeling Facial


Cavitation Peeling is a treatment that uses ultrasonic waves to give a very thorough cleansing of the skin, removes dead skin, tiny blackheads, unblocks pores, firms the skin, reduces wrinkles and pigmentation also ideal for people with acne..

The treatment creates effective exfoliation of dead skin and reveals a younger layer of skin so it will be smooth to touch.

Following having this treatment the skin will absorb products much better.


Treatments Available:





Cavitation Peeling with Oxygen or Massage:

45 minutes

Price : £47.00    


Luxury Cavitation Peeling;

Includes extraction, sonophoresis (sonic wave infusion treatment) for serum. and also to include oxygen and mask.

75 minutes

Price : £70.00    


Cavitation when added to Hydradermie or CACI;


Price : £ 27.00


Radio Frequency Facial



Radio frequency (RF) energy treatment, known as Collagen Treatment Therapy ,works by blasting the skin with RF waves to encourage cells to produce Collagen + Elastin which tightens the surface of the face.  It is ideal for those people who either don’t want or don’t believe in having surgical procedure.


Treatments Available:


Radio Frequency Facial:    

45 minutes

To include face,eyes and neckline.

Price : £ 72.00                          



Radio Frequency Luxury Facial:

To also include Cavitation + Mask

90 minutes

Price : £ 93.00                                 


Radio Frequency Luxury Facial Course:

We recommend a course of 6 treatments  to be taken with 3 week intervals

Price : £ 510.00


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