Dr. Des Fernandes, renowned, South African plastic surgeon, has developed Environ - a range of treatments and homecare products. Through his years of work treating acne, photo-ageing, pigmentation and scarring he has discovered the key to solving these skin problems by using high doses of active vitamins applied topically to the skin.
The 21st century environment constantly diminishes the skin’s vitamin resources which, says Dr. Fernandes, is the root cause of many skin problems. In order to treat, restore and maintain a healthy skin we need to replace these daily, using regular applications of vitamin enriched creams.

Salon treatments offer more intense penetration of important anti oxidant ‘remedies’ with unprescedented renewal and repairing results. Already discovered and loved by many celebrities, Environ offers you the chance to regain the beautiful skin with which you were born.

Active Vitamin Facial

An effective maintenance treatment for all skin types designed to give deep vitamin penetration using Environ’s unique patented Ionzyme machine.

Per Treatment                                    £46

Masque Crystal

This treatment must be preceded by one month’s daily use of Environ’s ProActive Creams and an ‘Active Vitamin facial in order to prepare the skin for this intensive treatment.
We recommend a course of 10 treatments, 2 per week for consecutive weeks.

Per Treatment                                    £46

Active Vitamin & Masque Crystal Facials - Combined

Maintenance of Masque Crystal is recommended at 8-10 week intervals. This can be combined with the monthly Active Vitamin Facial for optimum results.

Per Treatment                                    £56.40

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